E-RAD Hits Over 1 Million Cycles

September 13, 2019

Any tool is an investment, and every good investment needs a high return on investment (ROI).

In industries like wind energy, precision work occurs hundreds of feet off the ground. The best ROI entails investing in a tool that reflects the tremendous effort you put into the work.


Recently, we came across this E-RAD BLU that had 1.79 million cycles, more than 10 times the cycles of an average tool. For 12 years, this tool was put to work in the production of General Electric turbines, erecting and maintaining them. With proven durability on top of a speed that surpasses traditional hydraulic systems, the E-RAD system is the industry’s top choice.

RAD Torque Tool for the Wind Energy Industry

After working with them for two decades, RAD Torque Systems understands the wind energy industry.

Durable, high-speed, and lightweight, the E-RAD BLU saves labor time, lowers project downtime, and erects wind towers faster than any other tool. It does all of this while handling the 2,000 foot-pounds sometimes needed for tower bolts.

RAD tools are trusted to maintain wind facilities around the world, and the E-RAD BLU is the system of choice. Companies like General Electric, Vestas, Siemens, Goldwin and Iberdrola rely on RAD because they know our torque wrenches can meet the unique needs of the industry.


Brian Warmerdam, a Technical Support Manager at RAD said that “on average the tools reach 20-30 thousand cycles per year and this one reaches over 10 times that, proving their incredible return on your investment.”

E-RAD Wind Energy IndustryRAD tools are made to last, especially with regular maintenance. RAD recommends servicing your tools every 25,000 cycles or every year—whichever comes first. This contributes to the longevity of your equipment and protects your investment.

With proper servicing and re-calibration, your RAD tool could even claim a new record. We’re sure the 2 million cycle milestone is right around the corner!


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