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Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


Nose Extensions

Designed with flexibility in mind – nose extensions for all your hard to reach applications!

  • A “fixed” Nose Extension has a paddle welded onto the end of the Nose Extension.
  • A Nose Extension without a reaction arm allows for more flexibility. *Please note that the reaction arm is not included and must be ordered separately.
  • Need a custom nose extension? Contact us for more information.

Part NumberSuitable For Model (Imperial/Metric)Dim ADim BDim CDim D*Standard Arm
14195RAD 10GX/RAD 14GXN/A12.75"1.75"N/A11842
14200RAD 10GX/RAD 14GXN/A15.75"1.75"N/A11842
14205RAD 10GX/RAD 14GXN/A18.75"1.75"N/A11842
18185RAD 15DX/RAD 20DXN/A13.75"2.0"N/A20153
19058RAD 15DX/RAD 20DXN/A15.75"2.0"N/A20153
19059RAD 15DX/RAD 20DXN/A18.75"2.0"N/A20153
10259RAD 1800NG/RAD 2400NG5.0"12.7"2.0"3.5"FIXED
10257RAD 1800NG/RAD 2400NG5.0"16.0"2.0"3.5"FIXED
10258RAD 1800NG/RAD 2400NG5.0"18.0"2.0"3.5"FIXED
12096RAD 25GX/RAD 34GX 5.0"13.0"2.0"3.25"FIXED
12061RAD 25GX/RAD 34GX 5.0"16.0"2.0"3.25"FIXED
12097RAD 25GX/RAD 34GX 5.0"18.5"2.0"3.25"FIXED
11750RAD 34GX/RAD 46GX5.6"12.5"2.0"3.4"FIXED
11751RAD 34GX/RAD 46GX5.6"15.5"2.0"3.4"FIXED
11752RAD 34GX/RAD 46GX5.6"18.5"2.0"3.4"FIXED


RAD Torque systems offers a variety of accessories and custom reaction arms to ensure our tools are achieving 100% of their performance.

Please contact us if you have a specific or custom application. Our team of engineers can design a solution to meet your needs.