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RAD Torque and
the Oil and Gas Industry

Safety is a top priority for oil and gas giants such as Shell and ExxonMobil. That’s why they choose RAD Torque tools at their facilities all around the world. They know that RAD’s spark-free technology adds an element of safety at their petrochemical plants and refineries — and we know what the oil and gas industry needs.

RAD Around the World

RAD Torque tools are used by oil and gas companies around the world. Our worldwide distribution and calibration centers serve these companies’ facilities in the United States, Australia, Europe, China, and the Middle East, with the ability to manufacture custom tools in record time.

Wherever you need us to help with moving oil, gas, and natural gas, we are there. We provide the services and torque calibration you need so you can take advantage of the most lightweight, most accurate torque tools on the market wherever your operations are.

Onshore, Offshore, and Subsea Solutions

Torque accuracy is vital to safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industries. Pooling towers, refineries, and offshore operations all rely on nut and bolt applications, and any downtime costs a fortune.

Our RAD Torque pneumatic tools provide the secure connections you need to prevent leaks and to stop them fast. They deliver the accurate, safe torque load you need for actuating valves, creating proper flange connections, and providing highly controlled bolting applications. And they provide the peace of mind that pipes are well-connected in environments where specific torque is crucial.

In many oil and gas operating environments, no compressed air or high-pressure hydraulics are available — or safe. That’s where RAD Torque tools come in. Our electronic tools handle bolting needs with high-torque requirements while collecting the data you need for safety going forward and delivering the torque and angle measurements necessary for precision work.

We provide portable, reliable torque control solutions in the unique environments in which the oil and gas industry operates, with no need for potentially hazardous air hoses or electrical cables. Our tools allow safe operation even in offshore and subsea environments.

Time is Money

In the oil and gas industry, every minute lost costs money. RAD Torque tools help your bottom line by requiring only one employee to handle connections and flanging of pipes, pumps, and values — while still delivering the accuracy your applications require.

When you can count on your connections holding and preventing leaks, you avoid downtime. And when you avoid downtime, you make money. At RAD Torque, we know that — and we provide you with the precision-driven tools you need to avoid downtime.


“The RAD Torque wrench does what it says it will. It’s easy to use, compact and provides significant time savings for us, making it very cost-effective to run.”

–Brian Caraway, RDI



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