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RAD Torque and
the Railway Industry

Precision bolting holds the railway industry together. From railway tracks and ties to locomotives and cars, RAD Torque tools provide the accuracy you need to know that all the elements of your railway are safe for workers and passengers alike — as well as the communities your railroads travel through.

The Need for Accurate Torque in the Railway Industry

As trains weighing thousands of tons travel across thousands of kilometres of track, bolts can become loosened. Those loose bolts are a hazard in the making, the potential cause of separated tracks and even train derailments.

Laying all that track across often rugged terrain is a challenge, and it’s one that we at RAD Torque understand. We’ve worked with the railway industry for well over 20 years to provide the tools you need, tools that can stand up to the incredible wear and tear your equipment experiences.

RAD Torque Tools Get the Job Done

Our versatile line of pneumatic torque wrenches ensures accurate bolting for your railway ties and tracks. That accuracy delivers peace of mind, especially when compared to the lack of torque control you’ve probably experienced using cumbersome impact wrenches. Those older-style wrenches don’t provide much control, they can damage equipment, and they take a longer time to use since they require additional torque tools.

In contrast, RAD torque wrenches, paired with our patented Smart Socket™ tools, let your engineers and technicians measure torque as it’s applied during a torque cycle. They provide the torque control and continuous rotation needed to deliver the accuracy you require when bolting ties and tracks to each other and to the ground. And they put the ability to bolt screw spikes and rail bolts into the hands of a single technician, rather than requiring a whole crew.

Custom Tools for Custom Applications

At RAD Torque, we work with railway companies to build tools that meet your specifications and support your applications, including:

  • Locomotive engines
  • Bogies
  • Flywheels
  • Track pads

We also design and manufacture custom tools to meet the unique challenges of your industry. For example, we understand the difficulty of applying the proper torque to bolts on tank car lids. The job can become dangerous to the operators, who run the risk of falling from the precarious location if they use traditional impact wrench.

Other railway bolt-tightening jobs put operators in uncomfortable positions that can lead to muscle strain and excessive fatigue. Operators tightening fasteners on tracks are forced into awkward spots that can provoke repetitive stress injuries.

With RAD Torque tools, in contrast, these jobs become easy. Now the operator can use our custom reaction arms to apply precise torque without applying the kind of manual force that leads to accidents and injuries. Our custom extensions allow workers to tighten track bolts from a standing position, with the ergonomically designed tools protecting their bodies while speeding up their tasks.

With the battery-operated, electric, and pneumatic torque tools available from RAD Torque, you can find the exact tool you need. Our tools are lightweight and portable, making them easy to take out into the remote locations that railway tracks often traverse through. And our ability to deliver precise torque and calibration, with data logging so you can track every single bolt, allows smooth data collection, and enables true peace of mind.


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