Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


Safety Accessories

Ergonomics and safety are very important during the design phase of any new RAD tool. In addition to making the job more ergonomic and safe, we want our tools to be easy to use, powerful, accurate and very reliable. RAD believes safety features should not impede workplace efficiency and speed, but should make workers aware of the risks involved in working with powerful tools. RAD has developed a range of ergonomic and safety enhancing features. 

Tool Safety Features: 

  • Double Safety Trigger Option
  • Trigger and Hand Guards
  • Tool Hangers and Custom Reaction Arms

Ergonomic features:

  • RAD’s patented planetary gear reduction drive system delivers 88 times less vibration than impact wrenches. No risk of HAVS injuries (Hand-Arm-Vibration-Syndrome). Pistol grip trigger/control reduces operator fatigue
  • RAD’s low profile reaction arm eliminates all the operational load on the operator.

Double Safety Trigger

Part NumberDescription
25949B-RAD Select Double Safety Trigger Option
26940B-RAD Select Double Safety Trigger Assembly Kit
28795E-RAD Double Safety Button (E-RAD 700, 1500, 2500)
28797E-RAD Double Safety Button (E-RAD 3000, 6000, 7500, 11K)

Hand and Trigger Guards

Part NumberDescription
21436Hand Guard Assembly - Pneumatic NPW 120
21437Hand Guard Assembly - Pneumatic NPW 180
21600Hand Guard Assembly - Pneumatic NPW 200
21605Hand Guard Assembly - Pneumatic NPW 200 for RAD 60DX
21889Trigger Guard Assembly - E-RAD 2.5/BLU

See the presentation below for the safety instructions on a RAD pneumatic torque wrenches.

> Watch safety features on a RAD pneumatic torque wrenches

> Watch reaction arm safety instructions


RAD Torque systems offers a variety of accessories and custom reaction arms to ensure our tools are achieving 100% of their performance.

Please contact us if you have a specific or custom application. Our team of engineers can design a solution to meet your needs.

All RAD Tools include the below:
  • Safety instructions on USB Flash Drive
  • Warnings and attention notifications on tool and case
  • Operators manual