Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


B-RAD Brushless Select

Now with digital torque settings and torque ranges up to 5,000 ft. lbs!

The new B-RAD Brushless Select battery series torque wrenches comes with two simple buttons to increase or decrease the value by 10 ft. lbs. At the four-digit display the set torque value is displayed. The B-RAD Brushless series automatically backs off when the torque cycle is complete, this allows for the end user to move quickly to the next bolt.

The B-RAD is especially suitable for pre-torque and service jobs where electricity or compressed air are not available.

This series is also now Intrinsically Safe, which means the tools are spark proof and safe to use in hazardous areas with flammable gasses, perfect for refineries and other similar applications.

TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 500 130-500 ft/lbs. 21.5
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1000 200-1000 ft/lbs. 10.5
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1000-2 200-1000 ft/lbs. 71
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1500 300-1500 ft/lbs. 6
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1500-2 300-1500 ft/lbs. 19.5
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 3000 600-3000 ft/lbs 3
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 3000-2 600-3000 ft/lbs. 20
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 5000 1000-5000 ft/lbs. 2.1

B-RAD Brushless Battery Series

Ideal for Applications Where Compressed Air is Not Available
  • Torque ranges up to 5,000 ft. lbs, equipped with the latest Lithium-ion Standard
  • Available in two different platforms: either with a simple to use screen or with a digital display.
  • All tools include reaction arm, 2 batteries, charger, retaining ring, storage case, operations manual, and comes with calibration certificate with ISO 17025 accreditation.

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