Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


B-RAD Select BL

Now with digital torque settings and torque ranges up to 5,000 ft. lbs!

The new B-RAD Select BL battery series torque wrenches come with two simple buttons to increase or decrease the value by 10 ft. lbs. At the four-digit display, the set torque value is displayed. The B-RAD Select BL series automatically backs off when the torque cycle is complete, this allows for the end user to move quickly to the next bolt.

The B-RAD is especially suitable for pre-torque and service jobs where electricity or compressed air are not available.

TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 500 130-500 ft/lbs. 21.5
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1000 200-1000 ft/lbs. 10.5
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1000-2 200-1000 ft/lbs. 71
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1500 300-1500 ft/lbs. 6
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 1500-2 300-1500 ft/lbs. 19.5
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 3000 600-3000 ft/lbs 3
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 3000-2 600-3000 ft/lbs. 20
TOOL KIT B-RAD SELECT BL 5000 1000-5000 ft/lbs. 2.1

B-RAD Select BL

Ideal for Applications Where Compressed Air is Not Available
  • Torque ranges up to 5,000 ft. lbs, equipped with the latest Lithium-ion Standard
  • Available in two different platforms: either with a simple to use screen or with a digital display.
  • Accuracy of +/- 5% and repeatability of +/- 2%
  • All tools include reaction arm, 2 batteries, charger, retaining ring, storage case, operations manual, and comes with calibration certificate with ISO 17025 accreditation.

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