E-RAD BLU Series

Your heavy-duty industry demands accuracy and precision with every bolt you fasten, and you need your work done efficiently. That’s why we made the E-RAD BLU Series.

Ergonomic design keeps your technicians comfortable on the job, and the lightweight design of the E-RAD BLU Series minimizes strain during long work sessions. Because these electronic torque wrenches deliver continuous torque, you can complete jobs in record time and watch productivity numbers climb.


These ultra-advanced electronic torque wrenches use a pistol grip to facilitate a high degree of accuracy, delivering on-target fasteners with a +/- 3% degree of accuracy. The legendary RAD gearbox design pairs with our AV Servo motor to speed up your work by as much as 300%.

Choose From These Precision-Driven E-RAD BLU Tools

E-RAD BLU precision torque wrench


Achieve high levels of accuracy in handling your electronic bolting needs with the E-RAD BLU Series of torque wrenches. Eight models deliver precisely applied torque ranging from 100 to 11,000 ft/lbs (135-15,000 Nm), with speeds ranging from 4 to 20 RPM. 

Use these tools to:

  • Manage high-torque assembly applications with high accuracy
  • Pair with the RAD Smart Socket™ (sold separately) for field and transducer verification and calibration on different types of joints
  • Reduce bolting time by up to 300%
  • Minimize operator injury, thanks to the ergonomic design
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E-Rad 700 S


This newest addition to the E-RAD BLU line delivers the highest accuracy available anywhere, adding features such as operator identification and password protection. Five models deliver torque ranging from 100 to 11,000 ft/lbs (135-15,000 Nm), with speeds ranging from 5 to 15 RPM. 

With this tool, you can:

  • View torque via a digital display using the included transducer
  • Employ password protection to limit tool use to qualified workers
  • Track operator identification data to be able to trace every torque sequence performed
  • See immediate pass/fail notification to ensure accurate torque
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E-RAD BLU Controller

E-RAD BLU Touch Control Case

Stay in complete control of your work with this smart control case that lets you set torque and angle in single-digit increments. A clearly visible touchscreen provides the data you need in the field, all with a low noise level of only 75 db. 

Use the Touch Control Case to:

  • Handle field calibrations of torque and angle on the fly
  • Track operator identification data
  • Employ password protection for multiple users at the same time
  • Pair with the RAD Smart Socket™ for Bluetooth-compatible calibration on different joint types
  • Track maintenance demands and life cycle measurements
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When you work with the E-RAD BLU electronic torque wrenches, you hold dependability and reliability in your hands.

  • Data collection and logging features that make sure all tools are working correctly
  • Works with RAD Smart Socket™ for calibration on different types of joints
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Torque values from 100 to 11,000 ft/lbs
  • One controller that works with many models of wrenches
  • Handles angle measurement for accurate tension checks during bolt tightening
  • Includes a durable carrying case
  • Military-grade cables and connectors

E-RAD BLU Series


The E-RAD BLU uses a fatigue reducing pistol-grip handle to ensure the tool can be used comfortably all day long.


The E-RAD BLU has all the features to get your job done – angle operation, data collection, and the ability to integrate with process control software.


Using RAD’s patented gearbox design and state of the art electronics, the E-RAD BLU is the most reliable tool on the market and is designed to work hard in any environment.


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