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RAD Torque and
the Manufacturing Industry

Every assembly line around the world relies on precision tools to keep running. Whether your factory produces goods, assembles them, or packages them for shipping, your production lines must keep moving.

Manufacturers know they can count on RAD Torque tools because they deliver accurate, reliable torque. That means when breakdowns occur, our tools get those assembly lines back up and running.

Time is Money

When heavy-duty manufacturing equipment fails, everything screeches to a halt. Employees stand idle, production goals don’t get met, and customers start looking for other suppliers. You need to get your factory moving again before money starts flowing out the door.

RAD Torque tools make that possible. Our tools deliver accurate torque quickly to tighten bolts and connections when they come loose. And because it only takes one employee to use our ergonomic, user-friendly tools, you save money even on the repair.

You know what’s even better? Maintaining your heavy-duty equipment with RAD Torque tools, so that breakdowns and stoppages become infrequent, and your assembly line keeps functioning as it’s designed to do.

The Tools You Need

Our torque wrenches provide the precision accuracy needed to keep manufacturing systems running reliably. At RAD Torque, we guarantee that your fasteners and bolts are tightened correctly. You can see our accuracy at work when you use our Smart Sockets™, which measure actual torque being applied in real time.

We also make a vast array of torque wrenches to meet the unique requirements of your specific equipment. Maybe your bolts are easy to access — but maybe you’re facing low clearance or oddly angled designs that don’t let employees get the job done with standard tools.

We deliver torque wrenches with offsets designed to get to those hard-to-reach fasteners. We add all sorts of reaction arms to multiply your access.

And if one of our tools won’t meet your needs off the shelf, we’ll design a custom offset that meets your specifications precisely. How does it work? You tell us what you need, and we’ll create a model via 3D printer. That gives you the opportunity to make sure our design meets your requirements before we custom build the exact tool you need.

The RAD Advantage

We understand that keeping machines up and running is extremely important to the manufacturing industry. RAD’s tools are quick, accurate and reliable and can help companies save time and money.


“RAD takes out all of the guesswork and we can be confident knowing we are hitting the right torque every time.”

 –Brian Caraway, RDI



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