Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


RAD SDM Low Profile Multipliers

For applications where tool access to the bolt is limited, the RAD SDM Low Profile series multipliers can provide you a solution. Based on RAD’s long experience with planetary gear reduction technology, the SDM Low Profile gearbox was designed for confined applications in multiple industries including aerospace. The RAD SDM Multipliers are to be combined with your chosen nut runner.


*Does not include a nut runner or reaction arm.

ModelRatioInputOutputTorque (ft.lbs)Dimension ADimension BDimension CDimension D
SDM 40082:11/4"3/4"4003.55"2.5"2.5"3.71"
SDM 400144:11/4"3/4"4003.55"2.5"2.5"3.71"
SDM 10128:11/4"3/4"10004.35"2.5"2.5"3.71"
SDM 10101:13/8"3/4"10004.35"2.5"2.5"3.71"

RAD SDM Low Profile Multipliers

At RAD Torque Systems we understand the challenges within the aerospace industry. We work with aircraft manufacturers and airlines to find custom solutions to ensure aircraft safety through exceptionally accurate and reliable torque tools.
RAD offers:
  • Vertical Fin Kits
  • Twin Spindle Systems
  • Custom Offsets
  • Custom Reaction Arms