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The petrochemical industry demands safety at every juncture. That’s why petrochemical companies around the world turn to RAD Torque for bolting tools.

Whether you produce plastics, solvents, rubber, fertilizers, detergents, or any other petrochemical product, you deal with volatile and even explosive compounds every day. RAD Torque’s spark-free pneumatic tools are crucial to your facilities’ safety.

The petrochemical industry has a footprint on every continent — and so does RAD Torque. Our distribution and calibration centres in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East put our tools and our expertise within easy reach, no matter where your facilities.

Safety and Efficiency

When nuts and bolts aren’t tightened correctly in petrochemical facilities, the results can be costly and even dangerous. Slowdowns of assembly lines harm your bottom line, and costly leaks can occur when pipes aren’t connected securely.

With our suite of pneumatic tools, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your employees will be safe and efficient on the job. No longer do your operators have to wrestle with heavy impact wrenches, dealing with the hammering and vibration that can cause long-lasting nerve injuries due to Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

Instead, you can rest your mind knowing that you’ve provided the protection your employees need by putting ergonomic, lightweight tools in their hands, while also providing them real-time calibration of torque to speed up their tasks and confirm that each connector has the proper torque.

A Boost to Your Productivity

Have you been using wrenches that require multiple employees to handle the flanging of pipes, tightening of bolts, and calibration of torque? Put an end to that waste with RAD Torque tools.

Our high-torque wrenches pair with accessories, including custom reaction arms, multipliers, and our patented Smart Socket™, to get the same amount of work done by one employee in a fraction of the time required by those old-school heavy impact wrenches. That means you can keep your facilities up and running with less effort and less expenditure.

We know that downtime can cost big time and so we help you avoid malfunctions. At the same time, our lightweight, ergonomically friendly tools make it easier for your employees to get their job done well and quickly. We simplify bolting to keep your company moving.


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