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One mistake can stop your project or assembly line in its tracks. At RAD Torque Systems, we are devoted to making sure those mistakes don’t happen. We know your heavy equipment must keep running safely and reliably and that’s why we created the most precise torque wrenches on the market. We understand how important it is to tighten fasteners and bolts correctly and know your employees and your customers depend on us. Because of this trust, that’s why we produce audit equipment to help you stay on top of every detail.

Audit Equipment

Our Smart Sockets™ and Calibration Systems take the guesswork out of torque. They let you feel confident in your heavy equipment and keep you running on schedule. Take a look at how our audit equipment can make a difference when it comes to calibration and safety.


RAD Smart Socket Case

RAD Smart Sockets™

The RAD Torque Smart Socket™ is widely praised as a true technological innovation. By pairing transducer capability with custom sockets, the Smart Socket™ measures and delivers instant torque readouts. This smart audit tool serves as a master calibrator for all sorts of torque tools and lets you trace and inspect every bolted joint in your project, no matter its size.

We make a full dozen Smart Sockets™, ranging from 33mm to 100mm, with drive sizes ranging from 3/4-inch to 1.5 inches. Each Smart Socket is no larger than a standard socket of the same size, adding to its versatility. RAD Torque Smart Sockets cover torque ranges from 150 to 12,000 ft/lbs (200-16,000 Nm), allowing you to measure the torque applied to each bolt accurately and precisely. Each model of Smart Socket™ has a calibration certificate to ISO 17205.

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Transducer 1500 for Torque Wrench Calibration

RAD Calibration Systems

At RAD Torque, we understand that calibration of torque is vital for equipment operation and operator safety. Without highly accurate and regular calibration, equipment fails to operate at peak performance.

We have developed multiple highly accurate calibration systems because we want you to know of any torque problems before they become serious. We want to help protect your equipment, your components, and your tools, whether on your production lines, in your quality control processes, or as part of your R&D initiatives.

We make three models of calibration systems, with more currently in development. Choose from transducers that handle torque ranging from 75 to 7,000 ft/lbs (100-9,500 Nm), all of them available in lightweight packages that are easy to transport to the top of a wind turbine or the bottom of a mine. Each calibration system comes complete with bench, simulation joint, transducer, digital readout unit, washers, socket, and a calibration certificate to an ISO 17025 standard.

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Thanks to the innovative and practical features you'll find in our audit equipment, you can count on them to:

  • Measure torque accurately, with instant readout to improve your productivity numbers
  • Function as master calibration audit tool for most of your torque tools
  • Work reliably in environments with no electricity available thanks to their built-in, rechargeable batteries
  • Trace all bolted joints and deliver complete data logging and history in multiple formats, including PDF, XLS, and CSV
  • Provide quick “pass” or “fail” indications to speed up workflow
  • Achieve highly accurate and repeatable torque readings in any environment
  • Ensure joint integrity quickly and precisely
  • Connect quickly to tablets and computers in the lab, in the office, or in the field
  • Confirm efficiency and safe operation of all torque wrenches in operation
  • Take advantage of backwards compatibility with previous generations of RAD calibration tools



Remotely view the torque measurements in real time, allowing you to witness the torque moment from a safe distance.


The RAD Smart Socket™ measures torque directly on the head of the bolt, eliminating variables and documenting the actual torque output of a tool. It’s a quick method for tool verification and troubleshooting bolted joints.


The RAD Smart Socket™ includes a large battery to keep you working all day.


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