Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


RAD Calibration Systems

Capable of calibrating between 75 – 7000 ft. lbs. (100 – 9500 Nm).

With three models available and more to come in the near future, it includes a static transducer, calibration stand, and a surface tablet complete with RAD Calibration Software.

RAD Calibration Systems are classified to BS 7882:2008 as Class 1 or better for the primary range (+/- 0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale).

Each system comes fully calibrated and traceable to ISO 17025 standard ensuring the highest measurement of quality.

RAD Calibration Systems Features:
  • Three models available
  • Individually calibrated and traceable to NIST standards to ensure joint integrity
  • Verifies that wrench is operating at maximum efficiency and safety levels
  • Ensures torque wrench accuracy
  • Set consists of: bench, simulation joint, transducer, digital read out unit, washers, socket and calibration certificate
RAD 1500 TRANSDUCER 75-1500 ft/lbs. 4.0
RAD 3500 TRANSDUCER 175-3500 ft/lbs. 10.0
RAD 7000 TRANSDUCER 350-7000 ft/lbs. 11.0

RAD Calibration System

High Accuracy + Repeatability Convenient Reading
  • Ranges up to 7,000 ft. lbs
  • Quick connect from your computer or surface tablet
  • Backward compatible and will suit previous generation RAD calibration benches

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