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RAD Torque and
the Aerospace Industry

RAD Torque has been known around the world for our work in the aerospace industry for decades. Through our work with both airlines and aircraft manufacturers, we understand the top priority of safety within the industry and the need for the right tools.

We also know that the problems that aerospace deals with are unique and vital. Because of that, we turn our attention to designing specialized tools to meet the aerospace industry’s challenges. These include high-torque wrenches, offsets, multipliers, and reaction arms — and if we don’t already have the tools you need, we’ll create them to order.

Safety From Every Angle

Safety is crucial for commercial airlines and aircraft manufacturers. The lives of hundreds of passengers and crew members rest on the reliability of every bolt and fastener holding their airplane together. With hundreds of thousands of components to hold together, the engineers who build aircraft and the mechanics who maintain them need torque fasteners they can rely on and data to back them up.

At RAD Torque Systems, we put reliability and accuracy into the hands of the mechanics installing and tightening nuts and bolts. Our multipliers change foot-pound settings easily to deliver the accuracy your industry requires.

And we make sure you can track the accuracy of each bolt’s torque, from nose to tail, with our incomparable data logging capabilities. With the accurate data provided by our state-of-the-art tools, aircraft manufacturers and airlines can enjoy peace of mind, knowing all components have been properly installed so as to withstand the extreme forces placed on them in flight.

Safety for Your Employees as Well

Our tools deliver safety for more than your passengers. They also protect mechanics against rotational load while building and maintaining aircraft.

Because RAD Torque multipliers apply specific foot-pound settings quickly and accurately, your mechanics don’t have to injure their shoulders when installing nuts and bolts. Our custom reaction arms let them handle extremely high torque without any kickback, protecting their hands and arms. And when you don’t require heavy impact wrenches, your employees are spared the vibration, hammering, and nerve damage resulting from Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

RAD Torque tools also boost your mechanics’ productivity. One aircraft manufacturer used to need three employees working a full shift to torque it’s airplane’s nose gear fasteners. Now, using our torque multiplier, one employee can finish the job in less than an hour, moving on to the next task with no injuries.

Reach Every Bolt with RAD Torque

Aircraft are designed as they are because of aerodynamic demands, not to make parts easily reachable by mechanics. And with about 600,000 parts in every Boeing 737, it’s no surprise that many of those parts are hard to reach. Some of them are even hidden under other components, complicating the task.

That’s why we create custom offsets for our aerospace clients, including commercial airline manufacturers. When your mechanics need to reach low clearance bolts, we’ll find a way to provide the access they need, all without compromising safety in any way.

Here’s how it works. Your aerospace company comes to us with an application that you need. We then use 3D printers to create models so your engineers can test them for accuracy and usability. And then we build them to your order.

The RAD Advantage

Working with RAD Torque delivers advantages in every way — cost, accuracy, and access to the tools you need.

We make tools in multiple ratios because we know aerospace is an expensive industry, and you’re always looking for ways to cut costs while fully maintaining safety. Our multipliers help your mechanics achieve proper torque using any of several tools. By switching the multiplier to the next tool, you achieve the calibration you need without having to purchase extra multipliers.

We deliver the tools you need for building and maintaining aircraft, including:

  • Precision electronic tools
  • Twin spindle systems
  • Vertical fin kits
  • Custom offset gears
  • Custom reaction arms
  • Torque multipliers


“The customer service that I’ve received has been awesome. We send the tool out for calibration every year, and it’s always turned around quickly. The folks there are great to deal with.”

-Brian Caraway, RDI



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