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RAD Torque and the Mining Industry

At RAD we know the mining industry relies on haul trucks to move extracted materials on and off site quickly, efficiently and safely.

So when one of those trucks breaks down or needs maintenance, mechanics have to race against the clock to get them back up and running.

RAD works with some of the largest mining companies in the world – like Suncor and Syncrude – so we understand the pressures faced by mechanics in the industry and have designed tools to help minimize downtime and maximize torque.

Worry-free maintenance

The mining industry relies on some of the biggest haul trucks in the world. The Caterpillar 797 and the Komatsu 980, for example, can carry close to 400 tones!

These trucks play a huge role in daily mining operations and regularly need new tires and maintenance.

Kal Tire and Finning service a lot of mines in Canada and rely on RAD’s larger tools – like the 50DX and 60DX – when changing tires on haul trucks.

RAD’s lightweight, high torque tools make routine tire changes quick and easy.

Weight off workers’ shoulders

Mining can be strenuous physical labour. For this reason, we make sure our tools are ergonomically friendly.

The industry used to rely on big impact wrenches and they were having a big impact on mechanics’ bodies. Those wrenches hammer and wear down parts of the tool and the users’ wrists.

With RAD’s wrenches, there is no impact. Users just have to set each tool to a specific torque and it is accurate to plus or minus five per cent.

The RAD advantage

When it comes to the mining industry, haul trucks are RAD’s specialty. Our wrenches are used to replace tires. But we also supply strut kits for the Caterpillar 797 and the Komatsu 980, tools for engine barring, tie rod bolts for haul truck suspensions and wrenches for track pads, final drive segments, cutting blades, mill liners and wheel nuts.

Our tools are designed with mining in mind. We understand heavy duty hauling. We offer several tools to help mechanics working at some of the largest mines in the world get their jobs done:

  • Strut kits
  • RAD TV Series (Transducer Verification)
  • RAD 15NDX-R
  • RAD 15DX
  • RAD 34GX
  • RAD 50DX
  • RAD 60DX


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