Pneumatic Series

Air in, Torque Out

Pneumatic tools are the answer when your industrial maintenance demands call for the convenience of air power combined with a need for precise, controlled bolting. At RAD Torque Systems, we deliver torque wrenches of all types ready for extreme duty in the toughest job site conditions.

RAD Pneumatic Tools: The Whole Package

Our pneumatic series of tools put power and control in your hands when you need constant torque output through a high volume of fastening applications. User-friendly and ergonomic, our pneumatic tools walk the careful balance between the need for precision, the demand for speed, and the undeniable quest for reliability. No matter the toughness required in your industry — whether it's oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, mining, or power generation — RAD Torque pneumatic tools deliver.

Choose from These Precision-Driven RAD Pneumatic Tools

15DX - RAD Single Speed Torque

RAD Single Speed

Handle heavy duty applications with comfort and ease with our single speed torque wrenches. Eleven models deliver the torque you need, from 50 ft. lbs. to 11,000 ft. lbs. (70-15,000 Nm). These pneumatic torque wrenches are the result of 20 years of engineering and design experience. 

RAD single speed pneumatic torque wrenches allow you to:

  • Reduce operator injury thanks to the lightweight construction and ergonomic design
  • Experience increased productivity
  • Install and remove heavy-duty fasteners quickly and reliably
  • Eliminate dangerous and destructive hammering due to the smooth control of torque
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RAD High Speed

When you need fast bolting and quick positioning, our high-speed pneumatic torque wrenches feature two speeds to step up the process. No more wasting time by switching from high to low gear and back again. Four models deliver a torque range from 350-3,000 ft. lbs. (475-4,000 Nm) for all high-speed applications.

Choose from these ergonomic high-speed tools to:

  • Tighten bolts at top speed with precision and control
  • Master large jobs with bolting speeds of up to 80 rpm
  • Boost productivity on high volume jobs
  • Put an end to destructive hammering
  • Deliver high accuracy and repeatability during fastening operations due to smooth control of torque
  • Minimize operator strain
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7GX-R - RAD Wheel Nut Bolting

RAD Wheel Nut Bolting & OTR Mining

You’ve seen the statistics: incorrectly tightened wheel nuts result in thousands of vehicle wheel-off accidents every year, including fatal accidents and incidents. Protect your workers and your vehicles at the same time with RAD wheel nut bolting tools. Our five models of wheel nut tools, handling torque from 300-1,800 ft/lbs (400-2,400 Nm), provide accurate bolting with extreme torque control.

With our wheel nut bolting series of pneumatic tools, you can:

  • Reduce injuries and downtime for your workers
  • Minimize vibrations with our planetary gear reduction wrenches that deliver continuous rotation
  • Deliver extremely accurate bolting in high demand situations
  • Operate safely and quickly due to our extended reaction point
  • Access heavy equipment wheel configurations easily
  • Deliver extreme torque control even in tight clearance situations
  • Make adjustments to off-road equipment in any location
  • Keep wheels tightened accurately and precisely for enhanced safety
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RAD Transducer Verification (Legacy)

If you’ve experienced errors during bolting because your tools differ in torque output, you need the RAD Transducer Verification (TV) tool. The RAD TV contains a built-in transducer to provide the information your operators need. Now you know whether the actual torque being delivered matches your target torque. Our RAD TV tool is available in four models with torque ranging from 300 to 3,400 ft. lbs. (400-4,600 Nm). 

Here’s what you can achieve with the RAD Transducer Verification tool:

  • Reduce errors while bolting
  • Make quick decisions using the pass/fail indicator light
  • Achieve high accuracy at very high torque
  • Collect torque data quickly and easily with automatic readout for instant access
  • Take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and smart device apps to access real time data
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When you choose RAD pneumatic tools, you get precision and power. Here’s what you can expect with each RAD pneumatic tool:

  • Reaction arm and snap ring appropriate to multiple applications
  • Tool holder with FRL unit to maintain air flow pressure and air quality
  • Safety instructions to ensure protection for workers on the job
  • Ergonomic design to allow for comfort during prolonged use, even in tight spaces
  • Precision torque control that delivers exact specifications
  • Hose and fittings to ensure proper rates of air flow
  • Lightweight design for extended use without tiring
  • Operator's manual to keep workers in the know
  • Patented technology that can't be equaled

RAD Pneumatic Series Features


RAD pneumatic tools are the lightest on the market, with a comfortable pistol-grip to help reduce fatigue and injury.


Perfect for the shop, the RAD pneumatic tools are fast and light. Quickly set your torque with the included regulator and start tightening bolts immediately.


RAD pneumatic tools are the most reliable on the market, minimizing downtime. Our tools work as hard as you do.


Discover the best RAD tools to boost your productivity.

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