We’re “Torquing” SAFETY to New Heights

December 15, 2018

At RAD Torque, safety is a priority. In fact, it’s top of mind when we design each tool. Our goal is to ensure a safer workplace for all. To achieve this, our team of engineers takes everything into consideration. This includes how the tools are held and for how long, their weight, and the body position of the user. It also considers what happens when the tool isn’t in use.


“Torquing involves a lot of power, which can be difficult for the human body to withstand, especially after several hours,” says Brian Warmerdam, Technical Support Manager. “That’s why we’ve designed unique accessories, like our customizable reaction arms to absorb the force torquing, ultimately making the tool much safer for the user.”

At RAD, some of our pneumatic tools now offer two-hand operation, as opposed to the traditional one-hand approach. The E-RAD and B-RAD series offer a “paddle” to allow two-hand operation while torquing. This makes the tool safer and helps to mitigate any accidental pulls that may occur when one hand is free.

RAD Torque safety accessories

All RAD tools come equipped with standard reaction arms. However, RAD also offers special reaction arms that account for correct reaction for different applications. Deep socket reaction arms and double ended reaction arms are two of our speciality reaction arms.

In addition to reaction arms, RAD offers a selection of safety guards. These guards can be placed on RAD’s tools when they are not in use, providing extra security. Hand guards are metal guards that are placed over the entire handle. Meanwhile, trigger guards are metal guards that protect only the trigger.

Both the hand and trigger guards prevent accidental activation of the trigger, when the guard is in place. RAD Torque safety accessories torque wrench


Brian says, “when we design a tool, we realize the user may need to hold it for hours at a time. Because of that we try to design them as ergonomically as possible. Additionally, we offer ergonomic tool hangers, which act as mounting points, so an individual can position the tool and use it without having to manually move it from side-to-side or up-and-down.”

Specifically, for our E-RAD series, we also offer 90-degree handles, which are ergonomic so that individuals are not straining themselves to reach the trigger at awkward or uncomfortable angles.

Most importantly, if you’re considering a RAD Torque tool for your workplace, our engineering team can customize safety accessories for your unique needs. If you need a specific, custom application, we’ll design a solution to fit all of your needs. Reach out today to learn about our RAD Torque safety accessories.