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RAD Tools: Built to Last

At Rad Torque Systems, we build tools that are meant to last. In fact, we were recently reminded of just how durable our tools are!

A customer from North Dakota sent us this photo of a RAD 30 pneumatic torque wrench that was first purchased in 2005 – making this tool an impressive 12 years old.

Based on the picture you can tell that the tool has been well loved. In fact, the 12-year old RAD 30 has been used on heavy-duty equipment including cranes, loaders, excavators and conveyors.

The RAD 30 has a range of up to 3,000 ft. lbs., and while you can still order a RAD 30, there is a new an improved version of this model called the RAD 30DX, which has a more compact and lighter gearbox.

This is an excellent example of the stories we often hear from our customers who keep their tools for a lifetime – something we’re really proud of.

If you have an old RAD torque wrench, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a photo of your RAD tool via email or share it on social media (hashtag #MyRADTool).

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