Patrick McFadden - 15 years at New World Technologies

Patrick McFadden, Operations Manager, 15 Years

June 6, 2018

Help us celebrate Patrick McFadden, Operations Manager, who has been with New World Technologies Inc., for 15 years! He has been instrumental in the continuous growth of the company. Pat is a progressive leader with a wealth of experience in machining and manufacturing processes. He has been a great mentor to many individuals and helped nourish a great company culture which results in a low turn over rate.

He works closely with Boeing’s research and development team and takes pride in our association with the aircraft manufacturer. In his spare time you can find Pat riding his motorcycle or spending time watching his daughters play baseball. Thank you Pat for your 15 years at New World Technologies!

Patrick is just one of the many talented individuals at New World Technologies. Dedicated engineers, machinists, and support staff make up our team, all working together to ensure our company’s success and our customers’ satisfaction.

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