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New Battery-Operated Torque Wrench with Integrated Transducer

RAD Torque Releases the B-RAD BL S


ABBOTSFORD, BC (March 22, 2021) – RAD Torque Systems is launching its most advanced battery tool today, the B-RAD BL S. The new extreme torque wrench is an addition to the popular battery-operated series known as the B-RAD. Like its predecessor, the B-RAD BL SELECT, the new S tool has a brushless motor for speed and efficiency but it’s integrated with a torque transducer for incredible accuracy regardless of joint conditions.

B-RAD BL S“Integrating a transducer into our powerful B-RAD series with a brushless motor was imperative based on industry demands,” says Dan Provost, founder and owner of RAD Torque. “The ability to have a battery-operated torque wrench that can read torque measurements in real-time with the added bonus of easily accessible torque is invaluable for big industry applications. We’re excited to get the new B-RAD BL S into the hands of workers around the world.”

The B-RAD BL S automatically records all torque cycles, including torque measurements, through the integrated transducer. The data from the torque measurements recorded on each job can easily be retrieved wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection and the easy-to-use RAD software. This additional control not only increases the accuracy of your torque output, but the transducer measurement also allows the recorded torque logs to hold up to scrutiny.

The B-RAD BL S also offers angle movement. The angle capabilities with the B-RAD BL S means this tool can be used on even difficult and critical applications.

Provost adds, “if you’re looking for a tool with portability combined with real-time torque measurement and logs, and the ability to have angle movement, you won’t find a better tool than the B-RAD BL S.”

The B-RAD BL S has torque capabilities of up to 5,000 ft. lbs. All RAD Torque tools are calibrated to ISO 17025 standards.

For more information on the B-RAD BL S, visit our website here and check out the video below!


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