RAD B-RAD BL Extension Railway

Find Ergonomic Torque Solutions for Awkward Bolt Jobs with RAD Torque Systems

October 5, 2020

RAD B-RAD BL Torque Extension Tool

When it comes to tightening bolts on railway tracks, there’s always one common issue: they are all in awkward positions low to the ground. This forces anyone installing or repairing railway tracks to constantly bend over. They may even need to get on the ground to secure and fasten track bolts.

While this is highly uncomfortable, the bigger issue is that poor ergonomics contribute to muscle strain, muscle imbalances, and even fatigue. In comes RAD Torque’s Torque Extension Tool.

Ergonomic hazards in the workplace are due to muscle strains as a result of performing the same motion over and over again. Because of this, repetitive stress injuries are some of the most common workplace injuries.


To help workers and prevent workplace injuries due to tightening railway track bolts, our engineering team developed a unique extension for our B-RAD product line, called the B-RAD Select Torque Extension Tool. This extension tool allows operators to stand up while they tighten bolts – offering an ergonomic design that prevents discomfort or straining.

“We specialize in creating custom extensions for our clients who have bolts in hard to reach places,” says Dennis Roy, Account Manager here at RAD Torque. “When we heard about the workplace injuries due to poor posture within the rail industry, we knew we had to develop something to help! Today, railway workers now have an ergonomic solution to work with, which is powerful and simple to use.”

Portability is an added bonus to the B-RAD Select Torque Extension Tool and its extension. With track bolts being in remote locations, the B-RAD product line does not require any hose or cables making it extremely portable when out on the field.

As a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, battery-powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches, we’ve worked with railway companies in North America and around the world for more than 25 years. Over a decade ago, we pioneered and patented the first programmable digital torque technology enabling effortless data collection and highly precise Bluetooth calibration. Contact us today to learn more.