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Empowering Ontario’s Crane Industry: B-RAD Select 5000 – The Ultimate Cordless Torque Tool by RAD Torque Systems

RAD Torque Systems stands as the leading Canadian manufacturer of battery-powered, electronic pistol-grip torque wrenches.

RAD Torque Systems’ innovative tools have revolutionized procedures in many industries, including crane operations. And now, the company’s customers are reaping the benefits.

One of those customers, Gabrielli Crane Erectors, has fully embraced the B-RAD Select 5000 in its operations. Founded in 2005, Gabrielli Crane Erectors is a family business that has grown into one of Ontario’s most trusted crane erectors.

“A cordless torque gun – the concept intrigued us,” said company co-owner and supervisor Daniel Gabrielli. “Using the B-RAD Select 5000 was a lot less labour-intensive than a pneumatic gun, especially on a power crane where you can easily pull up 220 feet of air hose.

B-RAD Select | Handheld Torque

“A cordless tool like the B-RAD saves us time, energy, and money – without sacrificing torque,” continued Gabrielli.

Such benefits have established RAD Torque Systems as the primary supplier of torque tools for the Ontario crane industry. They are also a favourite for customers like Gabrielli.



Weighing only 19 pounds, the B-RAD Select 5000 torques bolts at 5,000 ft. lbs and uses digital torque settings to ensure accuracy.

Addressing the unique challenges of Canadian crane operators, the B-RAD Select 5000 meets the following essential requirements:

  1. Speed: Click-style hydraulic torque wrenches must be constantly reset, which can slow down procedures. The B-RAD offers continuous movement, contributing to faster, streamlined workflows. Furthermore, the tool also has the added benefit of a brushless motor, providing more torque cycles per battery charge.
  2. Accuracy: Operators can set the gun torque value to common crane requirements, and the wrench will stop within 5% of the set torque. The B-RAD gives exactly what is needed with a pull of the trigger, backing off automatically when the target torque has been reached.
  3. Safety: Ensuring a safe environment is always a key concern. The lighter weight of the B-RAD reduces fatigue and allows one operator to easily carry the handheld torque to great heights. And, unlike hydraulic wrenches, the cordless B-RAD Select has no long hose to trip or tangle, nor does it pose any pump, pressurized line, or oil risk.


When there is a need, RAD Torque Systems will answer. The company discovered that some crane erectors were creating their own crane reaction plates, damaging their handheld torque tools. RAD Torque Systems’ engineers developed custom plates for the crane industry to meet this need. They helped crane operators get proper, accurate reaction points without risking damage to their tools.

RAD Torque Systems has a slogan: “the right tool for the right job.” This doesn’t just mean selling the right tool. It also means ensuring the tool works correctly and efficiently, no matter the job site or need.