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Enhancing Workplace Safety: Mobile RAD Torque Training in Eastern Canada for Effective Outage Management

Workplace safety, particularly during outage season, remains the number one priority during any turnaround. However, reinforcing this message to all contractors on-site can be challenging. That’s why RAD East Torque Systems, our Master Distributor in Eastern Canada, has taken proactive steps to ensure safety is at the forefront.

Recently, the RAD East team took their new demonstration and training container in Sarnia, Ontario, to prepare for an upcoming outage. This mobile facility allows for instruction and live training on all varieties of RAD high-output torque tools, ensuring that multiple bolting applications during the short turnaround window are executed safely, accurately, and without the need for rework.

“Every RAD Torque Systems tool is designed with safety as the primary consideration. While they offer various aids, including their new safety video, to highlight the safe operation of their tools, hands-on training at the site is invaluable,” says Mark Venables, Managing Director of RAD East Torque Systems.

While classroom environments and training rooms serve their purpose, being able to bring multiple tools and test rigs to the site proves to be a superior solution. This is not just theory; it’s practical application. Recently, RAD East Torque Systems was invited to one of Canada’s largest oil refineries to work with their Outage Team and Safety Coordinators, conducting a short program to familiarize over 120 contract workers with the safe and correct operation of their tools. The objective was clear: get it right the first time, every time. The upcoming outage will undoubtedly validate the concept that well-trained operators make informed decisions, reducing the need for rework,” Venables emphasizes.

RAD East Torque Systems’ container workshop, based in Niagara, is available for deployment anywhere in Eastern Canada. It was purposefully designed and built to showcase and educate users on the best high-output torque tooling in the industry. If you’re planning large-scale outages, shutdowns, or turnarounds using their tooling, schedule an interactive session with them. Rework is costly—pre-planning and having trained operators to execute the job correctly is essential.

“Smart operations lead to smart decisions—so be smart! Contact RAD East Torque Systems today to request a site training session with their team,” Venables concludes.

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