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Effortless Torque Data Capture with B-RAD S: A Game-Changer for Mining Industry

A controlled environment on the job helps prevent job site problems, such as major bolting issues that can arise in Australia’s mining industry. However, when crews are out in the field, that controlled environment becomes compromised, and the risks increase as a result. This is where the benefits of mining torque wrenches come in.

B-RAD Series - powerful mining torque wrenches

Until recently, crews had to haul heavy and awkward air lines for their tools to repair and secure nuts and bolts in the field. Today, workers can “cut the cord” and be more portable thanks to RAD Torque Systems impressive collection of battery-powered torque wrenches. Known as the B-RAD Series, these tools are powerful enough for even the toughest mining jobs.


One of the newest tools in RAD Torque’s battery series is the B-RAD S, which comes with an integrated transducer, which makes logging your torque data easier than ever before.

Mining torque wrenches at RAD Torque

“Our customers love the B-RAD S torque wrench,” says Joe Bacic, Manager at Radical Torque Solutions – RAD Torque System’s Master Distributor in Australia. “Not only are they portable, lightweight, and faster, but the new transducer provides more accuracy. Our customers love the data capture and data transfer technology now available in the B-RAD S.”


RAD Torque’s B-RAD S is a great tool for bolt auditing applications. It includes a built-in “prove” mode, which allows operators to check a previously tightened bolt. As well, with torque and angle capabilities, the B-RAD S is ready for the most critical applications and will hold up to scrutiny on a variety of projects. It also has torque check functionality and automatic reaction arm release to minimize downtime and maximize torque output.

Bacic adds; “We have found even in major earth moving repair workshops, that the B-RAD S is the tool of choice because of its many features. Then there’s the added advantage of limiting safety concerns due to trip hazards that are caused with air lines.”

As the Australian Master Distributor for RAD Torque product, Radical Torque Solutions has service and calibration centers all over Australia.