RAD Torque provides cutting-edge, versatile solutions across a multitude of industries and our tools are built with efficiency and the safety of the operator in mind. We provide the torque wrench accessories you need to make our tools even more useful and easy to use.

RAD Torque Accessories

Whether you need support handles to manipulate tools smoothly in the field, nose extensions to get to fasteners that would otherwise be hard to reach, or safety accessories to add a layer of protection to your work environment, we have what you need. Take a look at the wide range of torque accessories we offer.

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RAD SDM Low Profile Multipliers

One of our goals at RAD Torque is to provide specific solutions to challenges faced by various industries. We absolutely understand the need for precise torque solutions in the aerospace industry, as well as the challenge posed by working in the confined spaces endemic to aerospace.

We developed RAD SDM Low Profile Multipliers to give you a hand when your access to the bolt you need to tighten is limited. The RAD SDM Low Profile gearbox comes in four models that can handle torque ranging from 400 to 1,000 ft/lbs. Pair the appropriate SDM Low Profile gearbox with your choice of nut runner to achieve the torque you need in tight spaces.

Along with our low profile gearbox, we offer more accessories designed for aerospace needs, including:

  • Custom offsets
  • Custom reaction arms
  • Twin spindle systems
  • Vertical fin kits
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Aluminum Hand Guard for RAD safety accessories

Safety Accessories

We think about safety constantly at RAD Torque. We know your employees do a tough job that comes with physical challenges, and we are devoted to doing everything we can to keep them safe.

That includes making tools that are easy to use with displays that are easy to read, so your employees don’t get distracted. Tools that are lightweight and ergonomic, so they don’t develop repetitive stress injuries. Tools that are accurate and reliable, so your employees can do their jobs efficiently without having to repeat bolts.

Our tools also minimize vibration, thanks to our patented planetary gear reduction drive system. With 88 times less vibration than an impact wrench, this means your workers don’t have to risk Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

Our safety accessories are all designed to protect workers while enabling tools to deliver 100% performance. Other safety features that are built into our tools include:

  • Double safety trigger options, available on their own or with assembly kits
  • Pistol grip control to reduce operator fatigue
  • Low profile reaction arms to remove operational load
  • Hand guards and trigger guards designed to pair with specific torque wrenches
  • Safety instructions provided with every tool, including warnings on tool cases and on the tools themselves
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Sliding Reaction Arm Profile

Reaction Arms

When you buy any RAD tool, you get a standard reaction arm included at no cost. But what if you need a specific type of reaction arm for an application that’s unique to your industry or your project? Chances are we’ve got what you need.

For each of our tools, in addition to standard reaction rings, you can choose from:

  • Deep socket
  • Double-ended arm
  • Blank
  • Double-ended blank
  • Retaining rings

For our pneumatic series torque wrenches, we have 15 models of specialized reaction arms in those categories (65 in total). Choose from seven models, for a total of 35, for our E-RAD series and six each (or 30 total) for either of our B-RAD and V-RAD series.

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Pneumatic Tool Holder

Regulator & Tool Holder

Our dedication to ergonomics and operator comfort doesn’t end with our tools. We know ergonomic tools only go so far if you’ve twisted your arm out of shape while carrying your tool.

That’s why we created the RAD Tool Holder. Now you can carry not just your torque wrench but also your regulator and other accessories as well, all without causing strain to your arm and shoulder. The offset handle keeps your arm in alignment while balancing your load, and the accessory itself is ultra lightweight while being strong enough to stand up to any tough work conditions.

In addition, this is designed to make it easy to access all the accessories you need on the job — your Smart Socket™, your custom reaction arms, whatever you need — all fit neatly into the accessory pocket.

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Nose Extension 10GX 12inch

Nose Extensions

Hard-to-reach applications come with the territory in some industries, and at RAD Torque, we take that challenge seriously. Whatever flexibility you need, we’ve got nose extensions to help, with 48 options to choose from, available in imperial and metric sizes.

We offer fixed nose extensions with paddles welded on to the end, as well as nose extensions without any reaction arm to facilitate additional flexibility. And if we don’t have what you need off the shelf? Talk to us about designing a custom nose extension to meet your specific requirements.

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