Coming soon: New RAD tool to take remote torqueing to new level

If you’re looking for a battery tool with big torque in a small package, look no further than the B-RAD Select 5000.

RAD’s newest wrench weighs in at only 19lbs, but it can torque bolts at 5,000 foot-pounds – making it THE tool to watch for this summer.

“Everyone wants to go battery-powered,” said Brian Warmerdam, RAD’s technical support manager. “Technicians will be able to take the B-RAD Select 5000 into the field without worrying about infrastructure or sacrificing on torque.”

The tool will have the added benefit of a brushless handle, giving users more torque cycles per battery charge and faster speeds.

According to Warmerdam, the handle can also do an automatic back off, which means it removes pressure from the reaction arm after a torque cycle is complete.

“The brushless handle makes the tool more ergonomic because technicians have less work to do for every bolt,” he said.

Warmerdam added that the B-RAD Select 5000 requires minimal maintenance because there is no friction involved with the brushless handle.

B-RAD Select 5000 in action

Many industries will benefit from using this high-torque, lightweight, battery-powered wrench. But mining and wind energy technicians, in particular, will find the tool useful because of their work environments.

Wind energy technicians, for example, have to haul equipment to the top of turbine towers – sometimes hundreds of feet above the ground – and back down again when jobs are complete.

“The B-RAD Select 5000 is smaller, easier to handle and users don’t have to worry about the voltage of the tower they are servicing,” Warmerdam said.

The brushless handle feature is helpful for the mining industry because it can help reduce maintenance and down time.

“This handle is a big plus for technicians in the mining industry. Dirt and debris in the air can get into a brushed handle and cause problems, but the brushless handle eliminates the issue,” Warmerdam said.

The B-RAD Select 5000 is expected to be available for purchase by the end of the summer.

RAD Torque’s Tools Tackle Tough Jobs on TV

Industries around the world use RAD Torque’s tools, but mining crews on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush are putting them to the test on heavy-duty equipment in remote areas of the Yukon.

Mitch matches tool to task.

RAD designed its pneumatic and wheel nut bolting tools with the mining industry in mind – specifically for tightening wheel nuts on haul trucks and in hard-to-reach places.

“We’re excited to see our wrenches in action on a show that demonstrates how the right tools can help solve big problems and keep mining operations running smoothly,” said Irene Tod,
RAD Torque’s director of marketing.

Gold Rush documents the machinery, mechanics and challenges of extracting gold deposits in the 21st century. It’s gritty, exhilarating and thrives on drama. Breakdowns happen in many episodes and crews scramble to get equipment back up and running.

It’s not easy and it’s often a race against the clock.

Right tools for the job

The mining industry relies on efficiency. A single equipment failure can cost a company thousands of dollars per hour. For this reason, mechanics need the right tools at their fingertips.

But crews have to be selective about the equipment they haul into worksites due to the remoteness of most mines – like the ones featured on Gold Rush.

“Out here we don’t have everything we need all the time,” said mechanic, Mitch Blaschke, on episode five when he had to get creative to repair a pump at the Scribner Creek mine – located 53 kilometres southeast of Dawson City.

RAD is on site and ready for action.

RAD understands the challenges that come with working in the wilderness and creates safe, fast and compact wrenches.

“Our planetary gear driven wrenches are faster than conventional hydraulic wrenches and more practical for remote job sites because the motor is built right into the handle, which does away with the need for a hydraulic pump,” Tod said.

RAD always puts itself in the shoes of its end users and understands that each industry – from mining to aerospace to oil and gas – has different needs.

Watch Gold Rush on Tuesdays or on Discovery Channel’s website to see how crews use RAD’s tools to get difficult jobs done in remote mines in the Klondike.