W. Christie (Industrial) Ltd.

RAD Torque Authorized Distributor

W. Christie (Industrial) Ltd., has more than 50 years of experience in the field of industrial bolting. Today, we are the proud Master Distributor RAD Torque Systems’ products in the United Kingdom and have been for 20 years. Working with RAD Torque we are constantly expanding, improving, and diversifying its already extensive product range, pulling together new and innovative technologies.

Working with RAD Torque Systems, W. Christie’s flexibility and expertise allow products to be quickly developed and adapted to suit all bolting applications. From conception to creation, W. Christie provides ‘Total Torque Solutions’, whilst constantly enhancing the quality of products and services. W. Christie’s customer and market base are both extensive and varied, meaning the company has industry-wide experience in providing answers to bolting problems, both torque and non-torque related, and many other engineering applications via its Bespoke Engineered Solutions Department and its Dedicated Railways Applications Division. We offer our customers the following services:

  • Extensive stocks of tooling, spares and accessories
  • Excellent customer support, offering standard and specialized products that are cost-effective and fit for purpose.
  • Tool rental service
  • Training and assessment tailored to client requirements, on-site or at our dedicated workshop training facility
  • Expert on-site application assessment and tooling recommendation
  • Tool maintenance services – repair, service and calibration
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System



Torque ranges 11,000 ft. lbs. (15,000 Nm)

The B-RAD Xtreme 11000 battery torque wrench with the 2024 Edison Awards Bronze winner seal

All-New! B-RAD Xtreme

  • Brushless DC motor for added durability and accuracy.
  • Redesigned anti-fatigue trigger switch.
  • Standard handguard for added operator protection.
  • Two-hand start option.
  • Latch lock to protect battery from falling from high heights.
  • 4-button interface with high-contrast LED display provides feedback during operation.
  • Accuracy of 4% to target


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