Dynamic Bolting

RAD Torque Authorized Distributor

Dynamic Bolting has been a Master Distributor of RAD Torque tools in Washington, Oregon, Idaho for 20+ years. The entire RAD Torque Systems product line stands out as the most durable, user-friendly tool we have sold and is the go-to tool for virtually every application, and every environment. 

As the authorized Master Distributor for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, here’s what we can provide to our customers:

  • Stocking distributor for all RAD Torque Systems tools
  • Manufacturer authorized warranty repair
  • Authorized RAD Torque Systems warranty repair, service and calibration facility
  • Rentals

Idaho, Oregon, Washington



Torque ranges up to 5,000ft.lbs/7,000 Nm

B-RAD S 1400 torque wrench

Equipped with a built-in transducer, the B-RAD S offers optimal torque accuracy and data logging for all your torquing jobs. With torque check functionality, the new battery-powered torque wrench offers longer battery life, and can be used as an audit device that automatically logs your torque records.

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