RAD Torque Authorized Distributor

ALLTORC is a family run business that has been providing industrial torque tools to the greater Southwest since 1986. We have built a business based heavily on providing top-notch service, working hand in hand with our customers to get them tailored solutions for their specific bolting needs! In the desire to find and work with the best, we are proud to move forward with an exclusive partnership with RAD Torque Systems to continue to bring tool solutions which continue to push the limitations of all the industrial torque tools of previous generations. With RAD Torque Systems having that mindset as a core value of the company, this along with many other reasons has made it any easy choice to partner with RAD. As industries’ needs and expectations grow, so do the solutions we bring forth. No matter how simple or complex your application may be, let ALLTORC be of service to you!

Here’s what we offer our customers:

  • Authorized RAD Service Center
  • Authorized RAD Master Distributor
  • On-Site Demo & Training of RAD Products provided by local Rep
  • Local Geographic Representation (California, Nevada & Arizona)
  • Repair & Calibrations all done locally at ALLTORC
  • Mobile Calibrations Services available!

California, Utah Arizona



Torque ranges up to 5,000ft.lbs/7,000 Nm

B-RAD S 1400 torque wrench

Equipped with a built-in transducer, the B-RAD S offers optimal torque accuracy and data logging for all your torquing jobs. With torque check functionality, the new battery-powered torque wrench offers longer battery life, and can be used as an audit device that automatically logs your torque records.

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