Technical Bulletins

Stay about technical product updates from the RAD Torque service department. If you have any technical questions contact the service team at service@radtorque.com.

Technical Bulletins

2024 Bulletins

RAD Tech Bulletin 22 – Jan 5th 2024

Update to the B-RAD X Program and Warranty Rates

2023 Bulletins

RAD Tech Bulletin 21 – Dec 15th 2023

Updates to our training certificate program, B-RAD S and case latches.


RAD Tech Bulletin 20 – Nov 3rd 2023

B-RAD X firmware update and reminders of our processes.


RAD Tech Bulletin 19 – Sept 22nd 2023

Refresher of the B-RAD X programmer, and an updated list of calibration sheets.


RAD Tech Bulletin #18 – Sept 8th 2023

Updates to the B-RAD Select Program, E-RAD Program, and gearbox motor flange.


RAD Tech Bulletin #17 – June 16th 2023

Updates to the B-RAD select program and information regarding BT issues for sockets.


RAD Tech Bulletin #16 – B-RAD X Release – May 31st 2023

Information on the release of the B-RAD X for repair and service centers.


RAD Tech Bulletin #15 – May 8th 2023

Updates to the B-RAD Select, updates to the E-RAD Blu program and reminders about the Warranty procedure.


RAD Tech Bulletin #14 – April 6th, 2023

Updates to the website, a patch for the previous E-RAD Program, and B-RAD X news.


RAD Tech Bulletin #13 – March 20th 2023

Updates for the E-RAD and an upcoming change the B-RAD Select. As well, there is a new battery guard for the B-RAD handles available.


RAD Tech Bulletin #12 – Feb 6th 2023

Updates regarding the E-RAD Gen 2 Case release, ongoing DVRAD Support and a recent issue regarding the Pneumatic Calibration Software.


RAD Tech Bulletin #11 –  Jan 22nd 2023

A documentation update regarding B-RAD 2 handed safety switches as well as small update regarding B-RAD X files and information regarding warranty changes.

2022 Bulletins

RAD Tech bulletin #10 – Nov 21nd 2022

B-RAD S tool programmer and changes to the E-RAD BLU bridge board.


RAD Tech Bulletin #9 – Nov 4th 2022

Updates involving the E-RAD Program, a bug in the B-RAD S, and an updated 90-drive assembly tool.


RAD Tech Bulletin #8 – Sept 26th 2022

Updates on the new Socket and program, B-RAD Select changes, and E-RAD Gen 2 release.


RAD Tech Bulletin #7 – Sept 5th 2022

New guide for the V-RAD handles as well as an update on the E-RAD Gen 2.


RAD Tech Bulletin #6 – August 22nd 2022

Bulletin on the impending E-RAD BLU, generation 2 release and the program that is coming along side of it.


RAD Tech Bulletin #5 – August 15th 2022

Changes to the E-RAD BLU, updates to the RAD Smart Sockets, and board revisions for the B-RAD Brushless series.


RAD Tech Bulletin #4 – August 1st 2022

New member of the service team, discuss improvements to the B-RAD S workflow, and go over updates regarding the B-RAD S programming kits.


RAD Tech Bulletin #3 – July 18th 2022

Changes occurring in the RAD service department to take place over the next few weeks.


RAD Tech Bulletin #2 – July 11th 2022

Updates to the E-RAD BLU case, B-RAD S Programming and an update on the B-RAD S.


RAD Tech Bulletin #1 – July 4th 2022

E-RAD BLU Fans, the upcoming E-RAD BLU changes, and B-RAD Select Board revisions.