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Unlock Lifetime Performance: Enhance Durability of Your RAD Torque Tool through Regular Servicing and Calibration

A RAD Torque Wrench is known for its durability. And especially when you pair it with regular servicing and calibration, a RAD tool can last a lifetime.


Ohmstede Limited, a leading industrial solutions provider that performs field maintenance on shell and tube heat exchangers, really understands this.

In 2005, Ohmstede discovered RAD Torque tools through Torque Tools Inc., our distributor in Houston Texas.Industrial Torque Solution at RAD Torque

“Before we introduced RAD Torque tools to Ohmstede, they were using hydraulic torque wrenches and hand torque wrenches on the heat exchangers they maintained,” says Steve Force, Account Manager at Torque Tools Inc. “They’ve since invested RAD Torque tools primarily for their speed and ease-of-use while still maintaining the level of accuracy compared to the much slower and cumbersome hydraulic wrenches.”

Christian Thomas, an employee of Ohmstede who uses RAD tools, says he really enjoys them. “I like the fact I don’t have to use a manual torque wrench. A RAD Torque tool makes my job easy.”


Thomas recently shared a photo of his regularly-used RAD Pneumatic 350 SL that torque the bolts around a heat exchanger. The tool in the image is an impressive 16 years old.

“We use these tools every day, if I’m not using it, someone else is. As a result, they’re a little worn,” says Thomas.

A favourite tool is the RAD Pneumatic 350 SL, a member of the Single Speed Series, renowned for its excellent power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, it’s a reliable industrial torque solution for installing and removing heavy-duty fasteners.

Despite its worn exterior, the RAD 350 SL’s performance remains top-notch.

“The tool will keep working forever as long we keep servicing and calibrating it every year,” says Bobby Branam, General Manager at Torque Tools Inc.

Branam attributes the tool’s durability to how it’s built. “The RAD Torque gearbox has bearings in each stage assembly, which sets the RAD Torque tool apart from the competition in industrial torque tools. Similarly, we fix competitors tools all the time and we find their stage assemblies often locked up.”


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