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RAD Torque and the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry relies on heavy-duty equipment to produce, assemble and package products.

And while there is huge variety in the finished products and the machines used to create them, manufacturers of everything from cars to food to textiles and many more need tools to keep their assembly lines running safely and on schedule.

At RAD Torque Systems, we’ve been a tool company of choice for the manufacturing industry for decades. Companies know our wrenches are accurate, will prevent malfunctions, and get the production process back up and running when they occur.

Time is money

At RAD, we understand that every second counts when it comes to getting products to market.

We know that a single equipment breakdown can halt an entire assembly line. For this reason, employees and equipment technicians need access to the right tools to repair and tighten connections when they come loose.

A single employee can use RAD’s wrenches to tighten bolts and get a system back up and running fast.

Trusted tools

Many manufacturers use RAD’s wrenches to maintain their equipment because we can guarantee bolts and fasteners are tightened with the correct amount of torque. Our Smart Sockets measure the actual torque applied to a bolt during a torque cycle. So there is no guessing when it comes to tightening bolts.

One tool fits all

We recognize that the manufacturing industry relies on a large number of machines to produce its products.

These machines have different designs and different bolting needs. Some bolts might be easy to access and others might be out of reach with a straight tool.

RAD creates custom offsets to help technicians reach low clearance bolts. In fact, all offsets that we do for manufacturing companies are custom-made.

Companies come to us with applications, we create model offsets using 3D printers, they test them out and then we build them.

The RAD advantage

We understand that keeping machines up and running is extremely important to the manufacturing industry. RAD’s tools are quick, accurate and reliable and can help companies save time and money.


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has designed its operations for maximum flexibility and responsiveness ensuring our customers receive outstanding service. With our ongoing investment into Research and Development, this ensures a continuous flow of bolting innovations.

With 10 engineers on staff, we have the ability to provide custom solutions for applications in many different industries including aerospace, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, wind power and manufacturing.

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