NEW! RAD 15DX-NX Tool Kit

The Latest in Wheel Nut Bolting Solutions

RAD Torque Systems is pleased to respond to the needs of our customers by offering the NEW RAD 15DX-NX Tool Kit. This pneumatic torque wrench tool kit offers the next level of flexibility - combining several application specific reaction arms and a nose extension into one kit, users will be able to cover a multitude of applications ranges.

Lightweight and Ergonomic

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Touch Display: Innovative Technology & Design

The E-RAD Touch Control Case provides the interface for all E-RAD Tools. The Touch Screen allows users to easily input and select desired torque values. Advanced data collection allows users to store each job by custom ID and easily upload data onto a computer for maximum traceability. Standard with Torque and Angle Sequence, Field Calibration, Password Protection, and Maintenance Counters.

E-RAD Touch - The Most Advanced Electronic System on the Market

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World's First Digital & Programmable Torque Wrenches

The new line of Digital B-RAD tools is the world's first digital, cordless, and lithium-ion torque wrench. With digital display and single increment torque settings. The color screen with keypad provides unmistakable visual LED indicator lights. Featuring integrated calibration, a lithium ion battery and a dual scale reading: ft.lbs and nm.

RAD Torque Systems – Precision & Performance

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Upgraded Design: Fully Animated Graphics

Simply load onto your desktop or laptop and begin. Thorough safety overview in an engaging and interactive manner. Easily review topics with an UPGRADED user friendly interface.

Included With Every Pneumatic Tool

NEW! E-RAD 6000

Capable of 6000 ft.lbs (8100 Nm)

RAD Torque Systems is pleased to announce the addition of the E-RAD 6000 to its line up of E Series electronic tools. Driven by customer demand, this tool is capable of achieving 6000 ft.lbs of continuous torque output. The E-RAD 6000 shares the same technology as other E Series tools and includes features such as data collection, torque and angle, and low noise emission (70 db).

RAD Torque Systems – Making Advanced Design and Technology Affordable

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